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Our Story

The director and founder’s passion has been a life devoted to Montessori Education.   International Center for Montessori Studies was born from the idea that Montessori schools in the area are lacking trained Upper Elementary teachers. We want to offer upper elementary teachers the opportunity to further their knowledge of the Montessori method.   We are the only stand-alone program in the area that offers this program as an option, while also educating in Early Childhood and Elementary I.

Quality Montessori education is in rising demand in both the public and the private school sectors.  ICMS offers the option to do a full early childhood or elementary I-II credential, while also providing a program in elementary II to those already elementary I credentialed. Our hope is to bring more options to the teachers in our community.

We are offering a year round option for the early childhood and elementary I-II programs. We feel that quality Montessori Teacher Training comes from constant interaction with the adult learners.

We are Accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) and Affiliated by the American Montessori Society (AMS).


Mission and Philosophy

The mission of International Center for Montessori Studies is to provide quality and authentic Montessori Teacher Training in Early Childhood and Elementary Montessori Education. We believe that more children should benefit from the pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori. And in order to achieve that purpose we must educate the educators.

International Center for Montessori Studies provides an environment that encourages the betterment of today’s society. Education is the path to societal evolution. We strongly believe that the philosophy designed by Maria Montessori will help achieve this goal. Therefore, training teachers using the Montessori method will enable our future teachers to meet the needs of our future generations.

Meet the Faculty

Courses offered at ICMS are presented by experienced faculty of Montessori Educators. All instructors are Montessori Credentialed teachers, have worked in classrooms with children and have experience as teacher educators.

Heidy Lilchin-Simon 2015

Heidy Lilchin Simon

Founder & Director

Heidy is a certified Montessori educator, an art and music enthusiast, and an advocate for Montessori education. Heidy received her Bachelor’s degree in Pre-K Primary Education, and holds a Master’s degree in Montessori Education from Barry University. She holds AMS credentials in Early Childhood and Elementary I & II. She is also a Pre-K to 3rd grade Florida State certified teacher. She has 20 years of Montessori teaching experience. Her educational teaching experience includes teaching children in Montessori classroom environments ranging from ages 3 to 12 years old, teaching and directing a Montessori teacher education program, developing and coordinating curriculum for Montessori schools.

Early Childhood Instructors

Sylvia Laurent

Heidy Lilchin Simon

Mireya Medina

Melissa Pena Koch

Lorena Tasker

Lori Vega

Elementary Instructors

Kim Barreto Loaiza

Maria Goyen Castillo

Sylvia Laurent

Mireya Medina

Melissa Pena Koch

Karen Simon

Heidy Lilchin Simon

Elizabeth Willis


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